Mileta Creek Preserve

  • Mileta Creek Great Blue Heron nests

    The once plentiful Great Blue Heron nests of Mileta Creek, now gone due to Eagle predation

  • Mileta Creek Preserve

    Aerial of Mileta Creek Preserve property area. Located off SW 240th Street, adjacent to the Maury Marine Park

Mileta Creek Preserve As this purchase was being completed in 1992, biologists documented 129 heron nests on this site with an average of 2.35 young per successful nest. This preserve was studied and stewarded carefully by Land Trust volunteers, but by 1997 there were no more herons nesting on the site. Attacks by eagles drove the herons away.

This preserve, located not far from the Maury Marine Park, holds channels that flow during winter spawning season into Mileta Creek, where cutthroat trout spawn and grow.

Public Access: No formal or maintained trail

Ownership: Vashon Park District and Vashon Land Trust

Years acquired: 1991-1992

Acres: 15

Access/Activity Info

There are no formal or maintained trails or parking for this preserve.