Fern Cove

  • Nurse log at Fern Cove. After storms, the stream channels can change dramatically.

  • Low tide at Fern Cove

    Fern Cove, Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust
  • Nests and roosting sites of osprey, bald eagles, great blue herons and kingfishers make the Cove a birder’s joy.

  • From the trail.

  • Shinglemill Creek joins Needle Creek to create the alluvial delta.

Fern Cove is situated on the northwest part of the Island on SW Cedarhurst Rd. It comprises 750 feet of shoreline with two year-round streams and 100-year-old second growth riparian forest. Both Chum and Coho salmon, as well as Cutthroat Trout, have been observed at Fern Cove when they return to spawn upstream in Shinglemill Creek.

The Vashon Park District maintains an historic residence on the property, the Belle Baldwin House, which is available for vacation and short-term rental. For rental info please visit: www.vashonparks.org

Access/Activity Info

Fern Cove is publicly accessible for walking, beachtrekking, and bird watching.  The entrance is on the west side of Cedarhurst Rd marked by a Fern Cove Nature Preserve sign. Parking in Fern Cove is very limited. It is recommended to park along the wide shoulder of Cedarhurst Road and walk in.  Proceed down the driveway, past the “carriage house” (now a garage), past the carport, and down the stairs staying to the left toward the water. Follow the signs and please respect the privacy and quiet of those staying in the guest house. The small stream to the right is Baldwin Creek, and the larger stream on the left is Shinglemill Creek. Walking in the tidelands here is sometimes tricky, and rubber boots may be useful.

No dogs are allowed in Fern Cove.