Dockton Forest & Maury Island Marine Park

  • Dockton Forest

    Dockton Forest, Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust
  • Mt. Rainier from Glacier viewpoint, Dockton Forest

    Dockton Forest, Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust
  • Property tour at Dockton Forest

    Dockton Forest
  • Views of Mt. Rainier and the shipping channel are particularly stunning on a clear day.

  • The trail down to the beach from the Viewpoint.

  • The preserve is home to many species of resident and transient birds and mammals.

  • On the beach

  • Signage at the Viewpoint illustrates cultural and natural history stories of the area.

Dockton Forest and the adjoining Glacier site, located on the south shoreline of Maury Island, are part of King County’s growing regional park system. A protracted 13-year battle against the multi-national corporate owner of the Glacier gravel mine site finally resulted in a community victory with the acquisition of the property in 2010.

The now-protected mile of undeveloped shoreline is recognized as one of the most important forage fish areas in Puget Sound, providing critical food supplies for south Sound’s resident orca pods and for Chinook salmon. It is a favorite scuba diving spot and an excellent beach walk. The intact uplands forested portion contains one of the largest contiguous madrone bluff ecosystems that remain in Puget Sound and provides critical water recharge to a federally designated sole source aquifer supplying clean drinking water to thousands of people.

Access/Activity Info

The park is open to the public. An extensive multi-use trail network winds throughout the 350 acres of forest and open land, affording spectacular views of Puget Sound as well as beach access. Walkers, mountain bikers and equestrians share the trails.

Enter from the west, through the Dockton Forest side, at the trailhead on Dockton Rd SW across from Dockton Park. A large parking area provides room for horse trailer turn-around. Enter from the east, through the Glacier site side, at the gate on the corner of SW 260th & 79th Ave. Off of Dockton Rd take 260th heading west to the end/corner. Parking along the wide shoulder on 260th.

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